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The History

The start of this organization finds itself in the life of a boy who grew up in poverty. Throughout his childhood, Ralph thought it was normal for families to be without utilities and running water. Having the heat turned off in the winter or having to borrow water from neighbors to flush the toilet felt commonplace. It wasn't until Ralph's junior year in college that he realized his childhood was not the normal for everyone. He come to understand that his family was living in poverty.

Upon that realization, there was a  desire to help other individuals and families in poverty. Through reflection Ralph remembered the faith, strength and endurance of his mother. Also the community support of others who helped Ralph's family in times of need. Sometimes the community support would come even though they too were struggling. From these observations, witnessing the continuous neglect of poor communities. and many more experiences the burden to serve was paramount.

Thus, with the help and support of his wife, family and friends this organization was put together. The purpose of this organization is to build healthy flourishing legacies and we do that by breaking cycles of the transmission of intergenerational poverty. From observations and reflecting on lived experiences we understand that communities, families and individuals thrive by helping each other. We also understand that this vision is one that we may not see in our lifetimes because it's a generational work.

Ralph Monroe III

Coming from poverty gives you a unique perspective of life. I understand the stigma and the shame others may feel. I have seen it firsthand from my mother. However, what I've also witnessed is her relentless faith for a better future and outcome. 

My hope for this organization is to be a catalyst for individuals, families and communities to break cycles of poverty. To create and be pioneers of new legacies that are healthy and flourishing. This organization is not meant to be anyone's savior. It's meant to build, serve and be a voice.

Thank you to all who have supported this endeavor. Especially to my wife who has agreed to serve with me.

- Ralph J Monroe III

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