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The Vision

We envision a world where underrepresented individuals and communities become empowered to thrive holistically and sufficiently for generations.
Breaking down the Vision


We are committed to serving underrepresented groups in the USA


We are committed to providing and bringing attention to resources that enable holistic growth


We are committed to the empowerment of individuals for interdependence


We are committed to promoting comprehensive solutions that plague underrepresented groups.


We are committed to ensuring people know about resources that are available to them.

The Mission

Our mission is to enable healthy flourishing legacies.
What does healthy flourishing legacies mean?

We hope to continue to foster a discussion around what it means to have a healthy flourishing legacy. As of now, we believe it entails someone who takes steps to change the course of their life holistically. In turn, paying it forward to the next generation and creating a new generational cycle of empowerment.

How we accomplish our mission.


We will create and cultivate educational pathways that will be beneficial in building healthy flourishing legacies. This may be training in trade, programming, business, finances, and many more.


We will look to provide sponsorships and scholarship for individuals and families who seek to build a healthy and flourishing legacy for generations to come. This may be scholarships for educational purposes or sponsorships for holistic health purposes. 


We will partner with businesses, organizations, religious institutions, and other communities pillars to see how we can mutually work together in building healthy flourishing legacies for  individuals, families, and communities 


We research and provide resources that will help empower underrepresented groups to thrive holistically and sufficiently. This may be primary research or secondary research conducted by our team.

Raising Awareness

We create content using various forms of media to bring awareness to the issues we believe contribute to the cycle of generational poverty. We also will bring awareness to solutions that can help break these cycles. This may be done through social media, podcasts, videos, or any other promotional avenue so as long as it helps raise awareness.

Our Values

Our core values are the guiding principles for how we make decisions and stay on mission. They help guide us but also REFINE us.








Image by Nick Fewings

Meet the team members who are making strides towards accomplishing our mission.

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Meet the leadership behind Refined and Refreshed Inc.

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Learn more about our history and how the organization got started.

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